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Tour Our Facilities

Front Desk & Lobby

Welcome! This is where you will check in for your appointment.

Our larger patients will be weighed on the floor scale.

Then you and your pet will be escorted to one of our exam rooms or seating in the lobby if all of the rooms are occupied.

You will see a selection of prescription diets and a few maintenance diets displayed in the lobby. We are also able to special order many more diets if needed.

Front Lobby

Large Exam Room

This room is generally reserved for large dogs or families bringing in multiple pets to one appointment.

Large Exam Room

Small Exam Room

This is one of our small exam rooms. We typically see smaller animals in this space; however, with the fold down exam tables, we are able to utlilize this room for larger pets as well.

Small Exam Room

Comfort Room

This is our comfort room. This is where we invite families to visit their hospitalized pets or even say goodbye to their beloved pets. Its definitely not home, but its a space we can offer to feel more comfortable.

It also has a second exit door leading to an exterior side door of the building as opposed to the lobby for a quiet departure for the family.

Comfort Room


This area is used to allow doctors and staff to evaluate your pet and perform any non surgery procedures. If the staff takes your pet out of the exam room, this is likely where they will be going.

Treatment Area


This is where we prepare blood, fecal or urine samples for analysis and contains our laboratory equipment. We utilize a microscope, urinalysis tools, blood chemistry analysers, and complete blood count machines.


Water Therapy Rehabilitation

If your are interested in Canine Rehabilitation, your pet may require the use of our water treadmill to help improve mobility or alleviate discomfort. For more information on this click on the "Our Services" tab, and select "Canine Rehabilitation".

Water Therapy Rehabilitation

Radiology & Ultrasound

The room on the left is where our digital radiograph machine is located. We can capture very detailed images of what's happening inside your pets body in less than 30 seconds per position. We can find a broken bone, an enlarged heart, a bladder stone, or a intestinal obstruction with minimal time and anxiety for you and your pet.

The room on the right is where we perform ultrasounds. We utilize ultrasound for evaluating the liver, spleen, kidneys, bladder, intestines, and even confirming pregnancy.

Radiology & Ultrasound Rooms


This is our sterile surgical suite. When we anesthetize patients, we intubate, provide fluid support, and warming blankets. While under anesthesia we monitor the following for all our patients: heart rate, respiration rate, oxygen saturation, exhaled carbon dioxide, blood pressure, temperature, and electrocardiogram. This allows our anesthetic technician to provide the lowest level of anesthesia and allow for the greatest comfort and health of our patient. All our support mechanisms provide for faster and safer recoveries from anesthesia.

We perform routine spay and neuter procedures, as well as, emergency gastrointestinal surgeries, amputations, laceration repairs, bladder stone removals, mass removals and many more.

Surgical Suite